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IN2 Partner - Ken Buras

Chief Integration Officer


Ken is a global integration expert with an innate appreciation for what drives great design, and a healthy obsession with finding “the best way to do things.” An insightful leader with a broad product background, Ken has worked with companies of all sizes and scope, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations.


During his 30+ years of experience in developing innovative products, leading teams, developing business strategies and establishing global sourcing and manufacturing networks, Ken has facilitated dozens of products ranging from personal computers and consumer products to high-touch light industrial products. Ken holds seven US utility and design patents with ten pending.


In 2012, Ken co-founded IN2 International after being a founding partner and Co-Owner of IN2 Innovation since 2006.

IN2 Partner- James Bailey

Chief Operations Officer


James finished education in 1986 and entered the world of Banking and Finance, specializing in Sales and Customer Service. In 1991 James opened his first business in the Real Estate Industry which he ran successfully for 10 years before selling in 2001.


In 2002 James jointly established a design consultancy and gradually became involved in Engineering and Sourcing in China, working in this field full time since 2008.


James joined IN2 International as a Co-Owner and moved to China in 2012 in order to better manage the contacts and contracts that have been established there.


James is involved from initial project planning to final delivery and manages all production activities from the Dongguan office whilst managing IN2 International’s UK and European customers.


Working with IN2 International

will enable you to

Find new and innovative ways to reach your product targets and manufacturing goals in China and throughout Asia.


Achieve economies of scale which a client on a standalone basis may not be able to leverage.


Utilize a local supply chain manager to keep your requirements in the forefront of the supplier's mind throughout the supply contract.

IN2 Partner - Summer Xia

Chief Coordination Officer


Summer Xia (Xia Xudong) has worked in the Import and Export Business in China since 1992 upon graduation from University. Since then he has been very active and passionate about building up business relationships between China and abroad.


He has over 20 years of experience in identifying business contacts, establishing China sourcing and manufacturing networks, leading teams and developing business operation practices.


With well-connected networks and communication skills, Summer has worked in a variety of industries, i.e. textiles, chemistry, machinery, electronics etc. dealing with customers and suppliers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa as well as China.


Summer became a founding partner and Co-Owner of IN2 International in 2012 after having joined IN2 Innovation, Inc. as Co-Owner in 2008.


Summer’s primary role in the company is to act as the liaison between Chinese vendors and both the IN2 International and In2 Innovation teams as well as to manage projects based in the northern provinces of China.

Cross functional teams work together to construct

working prototypes to advance product design initiatives


Our global resources perform on-site in factories

throughout the tooling, testing and fabrication

stages to ensure quality production efforts


We optimize the production plan to ensure that new

products are properly manufactured, packaged

and shipped for ontroduction to the marketplace

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